Ruy Arroyo

Custom multilingual wordpress template. Remarkable peculiarities: Custom menu design and transition. Post carousel. Rare grid.   Design: Avellana Studio Year: 2023


Custom multilingual wordpress template. Remarkable peculiarities: 2 Scroll Magic (Gsap) motions with images and texts. Full customization of sectio to subscribe form. Dynamic timeline. Custom «text card» sliders. 2 differents templates to display posts: 1 grid with dynamic category filter, 1 standard «card» type for featured category.   Design: Jungle Studio Year: 2022


Custom wordpress template. Remarkable peculiarities: Transition effects for navs and panels. Marquees fixeds in top/bottom. Full screen portfolio with mouse scroll functionallity. Entry logo motion with cursor interaction. Fullscreen videos with transition motion to let website clean.   Design: Tuica Year: 2021

Agencia Agencia

Custom wordpress template with some effects: JS marquee + jQuery UI draggable + Custom cursor + Parallax + CSS motion.   Design: Carol Jauregui Year: 2021